Give Time

PRAY!  Servant’s Heart Center is a “work of faith.” Our story.

Warehouse Work: includes bagging groceries, baked goods, produce etc Follow link for Schedule of Jobs and Times. Must be over 16 years old.

Coupon Shoppers – Home project for individuals, families and groups. Every can CAN help!

Drivers and Helpers: Pick up/delivery donations – load/unload trucks.

Organize a Food Drive at a place of business, school, civic group, youth group, church small-group, scout troop, and neighborhood food drive.

Community Outreach: Be a spokesperson to local businesses, schools, civic groups, and tell them how they can help children living in a single parent environment.

Marketing Skills: Design and make flyers, posters, presentation boards, mail-outs.

 Have and Idea? Let us know. Part of our mission is to help others help their neighbors in need.