Greenhouse Solution

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The Greenhouse Solution is a hunger project at Cornerstone Charter Academy. Student members of the Edible Garden Club learn about:

  • the effects of hunger on society,
  • their civic and spiritual responsibility for their neighbors,
  • the importance of fresh vegetables to overall good health, and
  • the science of gardening.

Three hundred plus vegetables are sprouted in preparation for gardening. At prime time, the vegetable sprouts are packaged with a “growing guide” and distributed to each family served by Servant’s Heart Center. The vegetables sprouts are intended to be a fresh food resource for those who are experiencing food insecurity.  It is hoped that families will be inspired to further manage their grocery budgets by growing a garden.  Recipient children will learn about the importance of vegetables and how easy it is to grow their own even in apartment living.

The “growing guide” is crafted by the Cornerstone Charter Academy students to include growing instructions for the vegetable plants, recipes, and ideas for creative gardening in small spaces like those shown below.