Hunger Awareness Workshops


Youth Hunger Awareness Workshops are 90 minutes long and designed to introduce youth to the reality of hunger in our local community and more specifically the issues resulting from its impact on children. Presentation delivery is adjusted according to the grade level.

Servant’s Heart Center offers Community Service Hours for high school graduation and for troop members earning badges for promotion.


Workshop Description

Problem: 30 minutes

Youth watch a 30 minute presentation about hunger facts and discuss the problem. The importance of nutrition to academic success is emphasized. Youth are taught how to read food labels and calculate recommended servings for a family of four.

Solution: 60 minutes

Youth are presented with multiple solutions as to how they can help address the problem including volunteering. They tour the warehouse and then work to assemble Weekly Food Boxes for food insecure families served by Servant’s Heart Center.

Schedule a workshop for your student or group. Download your VolunteerPolicyAgreement here and bring it to the workshop.

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